varosmisszio_logo.gifWe offered our exclisive solution for displaying text and stills during the City-Mission in the St. Stephans Basilica. Projecting on a holographical screen in sanctuary is unique...


Diapro™ is the most modern projecting solution for churches. It was develeped to project songs and visual stills as part of the masses. Basically we recommend to project the text of song during the ceremony. During the development we tried to meet the maximum criteries of the end-users. It was designd to be a user friendly solution, and a useful tool for all the choristers all over Europe.


Parts of the System

- projector and screen (plasma/TFT displays could also be a solution)
- a laptop to run the Diapro™ application
- unique signal transmission if necessary

System components

Displaying contents

holografikus felületThe most important part of the system is the display-technology. Looking into modern technologies made the idea to display the contents with projectors(orplasma/TFT displays) in the liturgic space. The picture of the projector is displayed on the discreetly installed screen.
We always offer the best price-value solution, witch most meets the specific criteria of every space:

- Basic screen with front projection
- rear projection
- hologrphical display - exclusive, invisible in the litirgic space

Projecting solutions:

Rear projection Front projection holographical display

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The system is basically controlled by the chorister, with the special controller placed next to him on the play-table. The special Diapro™ application runs on the controller, which makes him to be able to immediately modify the song list, and get all information on the projection without the congregation getting any information on any of the modification. Taking a lot of choristers into the development is guaranties that the software meets all the criteries of the end users.


Signal transmission

Connecting the VGA singal from the laptop to the projector is very simple, but for long distances there could problem with the quality of the signal. Basically you can transmit the signal on a simple VGA cable for up to 30 meters. Out Special products give solutions for transmitting signals on long distances.

képátvitel VGA vezetéken

We have 2 different solution for long distances which are over 30 meters:

- By putting Extender units on both side of a Cat5 cabel lets you transmit the signal to over 150 meters long.

képátvitel extenderekkel

- By using the Diapro Wireless Display Unit the signal can be transmitted to the display without using any wires. Thanks to the weireless transmission the controller can be used from all over the church. The usage is not localized.
vezeték nélküli képátvitel

Transmission solutions:
wired transmisszion wireless transmisszion
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The following accessories helps the users to make the controlling more personalized:

- DIAPRO USB Wireless Remote Controller
- DIAPRO USB controlling interface lets you controll the software with the (already) built-in buttons of play-table of the organ.

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