varosmisszio_logo.gifWe offered our exclisive solution for displaying text and stills during the City-Mission in the St. Stephans Basilica. Projecting on a holographical screen in sanctuary is unique...

Vezeték Nélküli Megjelenítő EgységThanks to our wireless solution the system can be set up without installing any wires throught the church. Over the expansion we were serious about creating a new generation of transmissions solutions for the Diapro environment.

Connected Display Units With the Diapro™ Wireless Display Unit your not just able to transmit the actual livefeed over the network but you can also remote-control the display (projector,plasma/TFT) itself. (The control protocol of each display is different. It is set up uniquely.) The wireless solution is a fully userfriendly solution: all the wireless connections and system Setup are controlled autmatically. You don't have to log into special services, create connections: just turn on the laptop and let the system take car of the rest.

On the user interface you are able to check the connection staus on all of the
connected diaplay units. The special plug-in joint to the software let's you know all the details on every connected unit. You are also able to reach some functions of theconnected displays: just turn on/off the projetor whenever needed. Forget remote controllers! It's just a simple slick on the user interface.

Simple, uni-terminus system

In this case there's no need to install any wires throught the church to transmit the contents between the laptop and a projector:

Uni-terminus transmission

Complex, multi -terminus systems

The system architechture let you use more than one unit in a complex installation. In this case all the connected units are shown in the list. And all the devices can also be controlled remotely.

Multi-terminus transmission

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