varosmisszio_logo.gifWe offered our exclisive solution for displaying text and stills during the City-Mission in the St. Stephans Basilica. Projecting on a holographical screen in sanctuary is unique...

The DIAPRO software makes the whole system come to life! (The software is also sold separately.) As for the conception of the software we have checked all the needs of the end users and we have designed it to be simple, user friendly and a great tool for every user. With this point of view the outcoming product defines the new generation of projecting systems.

Split monitors!

Because in everyday-use the software is mostly used by choristers they were involved from the very beginning of the development. We designed a user interace and system architecture which is great for all ages of the end users! This is how the new generation of the song projection has born: we split the monitor into two! The Dual Display Concept (DDC) lets the user modify and change all the settings, lists, songs while the audience doesn't realize any of his activity. This solution makes the Diapro System unique and makes a new era!:

Split monitors

Song-based song projection list

In front of any other projection systems our software is not a computer-based slide presentation tool. Our new concept lets you to think is real SONGS and VERSES! You can easily add new songs to the song-list and selects only those verses which you want to project. Later on you can display all the unselected verses with just one single click. Thanks to the really simple concept of the software, it can be controlled by any chorister while the are playing the organ.


The "Three Steps PSP Model"

Thanks to the very simple user interface concept you can project a song in 3 easy steps:
1. Pick the song you want to project!
2. Select the verses!
3. Project it!

three steps PSP model

Central folder refresh

The songs are organised into folders. There are two types of folders:
- Central folders: songs brought to you by Diapro
- User folders: these can be created be the end-useres to organise their own new songs.

The content of the central folders are continously updated. The newest folders are always sent to the end-users so they can work with the newest contents.

The content of the central folders are different in other countries.



By using plug-ins the software is able to control any unit: projectors, TFT/Displays, motor controlled canvases or visual units . The controlling interface and the plug-in itself is developed uniquely to meet the local needs.

Personal settings

folderStatus.gifWith the settings panel you can set up your own Diapro. The setting option lets you personalize the software so it really gonna be you everyday-tool!It a great fonction
for example to mention the "hidable folders". You can just select the folders which you use every day and you don't need to navigate through the recently used folders. (The hidden folders can be "turned on" with just one click later on.)


The most popular function. By typing a keyword into the search field the list of available song is updated depending on the search result. Only those folders and song are shown which meet the search criteria. Thanks to the fast search algorithm of the Diapro Search Engine (DSE) the results are shown in just a second. This function saves you a lot of time!


The built-in "Pictures" folder lets you project any picture as part of the song list. The selected picture can be added quickly to the list and it is just a click to project.

Personal folders and songs

There might be a problem when you want to use a song that is not in any central folder. In this case create your own song. You can create personal folders to keep your own songs organised.


The projection is controlled by the buttons of the keyboard. During the development the most practical buttons were assigned to the main functions: stepping in the list, turning on/off the display.
In some installations it might be demand to controll the software with the bulit-in buttons or pedal of the organ. We have designed the USB Controller Iterface for this occasion. This interface lets you connect any of you controll buttons to the Diapro software throught the USB port. YOu dont need to have special elecrtical skills, just connect the buttons to the panel and let interface do the rest! A program megismeréseread more

There is an other, wireless controlling solution if you want to remote controll you software away from the laptop. The Diapro Wireless Remote Controller lets you controll your application up to 20 m distance!
A program megismeréseread more

System requirements

  • Intel® Pentium® II 450 MHz or faster
  • Microsoft® Windows® 2000, XP (SP2), Vista
  • 128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)
  • 16 MB free disc space
  • 1,024x768 screen resolution
  • 16-bit, "Dual" videocard


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