varosmisszio_logo.gifWe offered our exclisive solution for displaying text and stills during the City-Mission in the St. Stephans Basilica. Projecting on a holographical screen in sanctuary is unique...


Considering the art relic styles of the churches finding the right projection solution is the most complex challenge when designing a new system. In every case we offer the best price-value rate available.
There are three different choices depending of the type of the space:

Front Projection

elelölről vetítés - Bp. - Istenhegy


Rear projection

hátulról vetítés - Esztergom - Belvárosi templom


Holographical display

holgrafikus felület

By using the special holographic glass we get an mostly undetectable display surface.
The extremely imposing nano-optical surface with its over 95% transparency is unique in the market. Its price to value rate is unbeatable.

holgrafikus felület - Ráckeve

holgrafikus felület Ráckevén projektor elhelyezése - Ráckeve

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